Neural Engineering and Translation Labs aim to develop an improved understanding of neural circuits deficits in child and adult psychiatric disorders. We apply neural-engineering methods in both animal models and human research to target and repair identified circuit deficits.


Dr. Jyoti Mishra
Dr. Jyoti Mishra    pdf mail
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Focus: Neurotechnology studies in humans to advance diagnostics and therapeutics for mental health disorders.

Dr. Dhakshin Ramanathan
Dr. Dhakshin Ramanathan    pdf mail
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Focus: Neural engineering studies in animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Postdoctoral Fellows
Sarita Silveira

Human Neuro-Cognition

Sarita Silveira    mail
Miranda Francoeur

Animal Neuro-Cognition

Miranda Francoeur    mail
Leila Fakhraei

Animal Neuro-Cognition

Leila Fakhraei    mail
Pragathi Balasubramani

Computational Psychiatry

Pragathi Balasubramani    website mail
Nasim Vahidi

Human Neuro-Engineering

Nasim Vahidi    mail
Research Associates
James Ades

Human Neuro-Cognition

James Ades    mail
Gillian Grennan

Human Neuro-Cognition

Gillian Grennan    mail
Fahad Alim

Human Neuro-Cognition

Fahad Alim    mail
Bryce Smith

Human Neuro-Cognition

Bryce Smith    mail
Graduate Student
Tianzhi Tang

Animal Neuro-Cognition

Tianzhi Tang    mail
Medical Student
Vojislav Maric

Human Neuro-Cognition

Vojislav Maric    mail
Undergraduate Students
Alyssa Terry

Animal Neuro-Cognition

Alyssa Terry    mail
Micah Tattao

Animal Neuro-Cognition

Micah Tattao    mail
Swapnil Patil

Personalized Mental Health

Swapnil Patil    mail
Sidharth Hulyalkar

Animal Neuro-Cognition

Sidharth Hulyalkar    mail
Christopher Claros

Animal & Human Neuro-Cognition

Christopher Claros    mail
Tatiana Podhajny

Animal Neuro-Cognition

Tatiana Podhajny    mail
Prem Shelat

Neural Engineering

Prem Shelat    mail
Shibangi Pal

Human Neuro-Cognition

Shibangi Pal    mail
Rutvik Shah

Personalized Mental Health

Rutvik Shah    mail
Juan Diaz Delgado

Neural Analytics

Juan Diaz Delgado    mail
Atharv Kulkarni

Neural Analytics

Atharv Kulkarni    mail
Anona Gupta

Animal Neuro-Cognition

Anona Gupta    mail
Aditi Krishnakumar

Human Neuro-Cognition

Aditi Krishnakumar    mail
Morgan Montoya

Human Neuro-Cognition

Morgan Montoya    mail
Zihao Mo

Human Neuro-Cognition

Zihao Mo    mail
Matthew Klimper

Human Neuro-Cognition

Matthew Klimper    mail
Technology Consults
Alejandro Ojeda

Neural Engineering

Alejandro Ojeda    github mail
Alankar Misra

Mobile Applications

Alankar Misra    github mail


NEATLabs research projects have three major goals:

  1. To better understand typical development of neural circuits underlying cognitive control.

    Our human studies integrate mobile cognitive assessment tools, electroencephalography (EEG) and functional MRI recordings. We are currently developing integrated software-hardware systems for large-scale and affordable mobile monitoring of neural network function in clinic and community settings.

    Our animal studies are implementing a complementary battery of human cognitive tasks in rodents coupled with invasive monitoring of single units and local-field potentials (LFP). These studies aim to understand micro-circuit contributions to the oscillatory neural dynamics underlying cognitive control identified in humans.

  2. To better understand how neural circuits underlying cognitive control are impacted in neuropsychiatric disorders.

    Our human studies currently focus on how adverse childhood experiences and neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) impact cognitive control network function using a combination of EEG and fMRI methods.

    Our animal studies are currently examining rodent models of schizophrenia and traumatic-brain injury to understand how either genetic perturbations in the former, or environmental perturbations in the latter, result in cognitive impairments.

  3. To develop and advance closed-loop technologies for ameliorating neural circuit dysfunctions.

    We are developing and implementing targeted circuit manipulation strategies that include cognitive remediation and neural self-regulation interventions, integrated with neuromodulation and brain-computer-interfaces.



BrainE logo
BrainE - Our Brain Engagement platform to assess & train neural and cognitive functions across the human lifespan. Contact us for research access. Read our privacy policy. bioRXiv preprint.
BrainER logo
BrainER - Our Brain Engagement platform for Rodents to assess & train neural and cognitive functions in animals. Contact us for research access.
Simulink Brain Signal Interface logo
SimBSI - Our Simulink Brain Signal Interface for executing closed loop neuroscience experiments. Access here.
DSI - Our Distributed Source Imaging Toolbox for electromagnetic signals. Access here. bioRXiv preprint


We have several ongoing research studies: Brain Mapping | Brain Stimulation | Mobile Training - Kids.
Please email to participate.

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  • Kothekar V, Sahi S, Mishra J. Enzyme selectivity of new cyclooxygenase-2/5 lipoxygenase inhibitors using molecular modeling approach. Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics 37: 86-96. PMID: 10983419. 2000.


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Postdoctoral Fellows

We are always looking for talented postdoctoral fellows interested in our integrated research foci. Please contact NEATLabs directors with your cover letter, CV and academic transcript.